Chronic Pain Management: What You Need to Know

People who suffer from chronic pain can experience a dramatically reduced quality of life if the pain is not properly managed. For example pain can be caused by a bad mattress, to resolve this issue, read review of the best mattresses for lower back pain. It is important to address the cause of the pain whenever possible, and thus is essential to look out for symptoms.

Pain Management

The Definition of Chronic Pain

The definition of chronic pain is any pain or discomfort that remains constant for longer than six months. It can range from mild to severe or aching to throbbing. Chronic pain can be the result of an injury that didn’t heal properly or an illness that affects the central nervous system.

Chronic Pain Symptoms

Chronic pain symptoms include pains that are stabbing, piercing or electrifying. Stiffness, tightness and achiness doesn’t let up over time. In addition to pain, other symptoms include irritability, swelling, sleeplessness, intense fatigue and an immune system that is sluggish and/or overwhelmed.

Effective Treatment Methods

Effective treatment methods include hydrotherapy, deep tissue massages, acupuncture, NSAID’s and over the counter pain medications. Trigger point therapy may also be a solution. Chiropractic care is also beneficial, especially if the cause of the problem is skeletal in nature. When chronic pain is associated with an injury, physical therapy can help restore mobility, function and range of motion.

What to Avoid

It is important to avoid strong narcotic pain relievers. The body can build a tolerance to them and, in some cases, cause addiction or dependency. Try to avoid processed foods that cause the digestive system to become sluggish and slow to absorb vital nutrients. It is also essential to keep stress to a minimum.

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