Everything You Need to Know About Plantar Fascitis

Plantar fascitis can be extremely painful and, in some cases, immediate medical care may be needed. Participating in certain types of activities can increase your risk of the injury.

Plantar Fascitis

Improper biomechanics

High arches, fallen arches or abnormal walking patterns can cause plantar fascitis. Practice proper biomechanics and use orthotics to help restore a more normal walking pattern.


Being overweight causes the foot to carry excessive amounts of weight. This can damage the feet and, in severe cases, require immediate medical care.

Muscle Tension in the Feet

Muscle tension in the feet can lead to cramping. When the muscles in the foot remain tight and cramp up, they can stretch or put additional stress on the fascia in the feet.

Specific Exercises

Exercises that put excessive amounts of weight or stress on the feet can also pose a problem. These exercises include ballet dancing, long distance running and high impact aerobics.


As a person ages, their feet can begin to show a higher level of wear and tear. Fallen arches and abnormal walking patterns can develop.

Standing For Long Periods of Time

Individuals who stand in one place for long periods of time without resting their feet have a higher risk of plantar fascitis than those who are able to allow their feet time to relax.

Wearing the Wrong Type of Shoe

The wrong type of shoe can cause abnormal walking patterns, decrease blood flow to the feet and not provide the feet with the support they need for certain types of activities.

Working or Exercising on Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces can jar the feet causing them to bear the brunt of the body’s weight. This can break down the fascia and connective tissue and increase a person’s risk of foot pain.

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