Evolution of Urgent Care Centers in US: Factors That Matter!

Gone are the days when people used to wait for a family doctor who cared for a patient’s healthcare needs. In the recent times, US has witnessed the mushrooming of the urgent care centers all around. The growth rate at which the urgent care centers in the US have expanded is stupendous. It would be very difficult to get the exact numbers of urgent care centers in the US. According to the Urgent Care Association of America it is more than 6,400 and American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine it is 9,300.


Urgent Care Centers first opened in the early 1980s and have grown rapidly ever since. According to a study, two urgent care centers start operation every week.

Major Success Factors:
There are many reasons behind the success of these urgent care centers. The 5 major reasons behind their success are:

  1. Delivery of Quality: People who get injured or sick visit urgent care centers with the expectation of getting the right treatment and diagnosis in the least amount of time and minimum expenses. This is what they get there.
  2. Compliance awareness: For this purpose these centers keep refreshing their knowledge with the latest updates to ensure that they follow the regulatory standards.. Professional compliance officer helps urgent care centers to maintain conformity with the ever-changing health care regulations.
  3. Investment in Technological Resources: Today, technology is omnipresent. Usage of technology specially in the world of healthcare has delivered effective and efficient results. The chances of errors have been diminished to almost zero with electronic documentation and payment software etc. Investment in hiring IT services provider have made urgent care centers more efficient and successful.
  4. Good Customer Service: The staffs at urgent care centers are very well spoken and take good care of people. They make sure that the patients get the best possible treatment on time. They also help customers with any questions related to treatment, medication ,filling forms and other administrative activities.
  5. Cleanliness: It is a very crucial aspect of running a successful urgent care business. Urgent care centers hire professional cleaning services to prevent any infection in the hospitals. Cleanliness is the prior standard of quality assurance for any health care center. A clean care center leaves a good impression among the patients.

Urgent care centers have become a need in recent times as they provide great customer service along with quick treatment at a reasonable price.

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Suheir Kilani is the President of California Urgent Care, a trusted urgent care facility in Anaheim, California. Emphasizing providing excellent urgent healthcare to families, Suheir and her medical staff work around the clock to ensure the well-being of families across Orange County. She loves practicing medicine and does everything in her power as a family medical urgent care does to make sure that everyone she sees is healthy and happy.Follow us on Google

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