Gestational Diabetes: The Treatment Options

Finding out that you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes can be a frightening experience for a pregnant woman, especially if you haven’t had diabetes or other medical conditions prior to your pregnancy. Fortunately, gestational diabetes is a condition that can be easily diagnosed and treated, and you can still experience a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy child. When you visit your doctor, he or she will discuss the various treatment options listed below that will help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level throughout your pregnancy.

You should adopt a schedule of self-monitoring to keep track of your blood sugar levels and any changes that may be potentially threatening to you and your child. Self-monitoring will make you more aware of changes and what may have precipitated the change, such as consuming certain foods or making changes to your lifestyle.

Dietary Modifications
The primary method of controlling your blood glucose during pregnancy is through changes to your diet. Your doctor can recommend a variety of foods that will regulate your blood sugar and minimize the potential risks associated with gestational diabetes.

Quitting Smoking
Smokers can minimize the risk of developing gestational diabetes by quitting smoking during pregnancy.

While there has been no definitive evidence that moderate exercise during pregnancy can assist in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, many doctors and medical professionals will recommend a regular fitness routine to improve your health and assist you in ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

By adding the lifestyle modifications listed here to your regular routine, you will be able to minimize the risks associated with gestational diabetes and maintain control of your blood sugar levels. These steps, along with others recommended by your physician, can help to ensure that you deliver a healthy baby.

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