Warning: Crocs Might Harm Your Feet

Crocs were invented in 2002 and were intended to be used as a boating shoe. Their loose fit made them comfortable. They were made of rubber which made them resistant to slipping and also perfect for on the beach or in the water. They were not designed to be worn on a daily basis. Many people wear them all of the time, which is beginning to lead to reports of health issues involving the feet.

Warning: Crocs Might Harm Your Feet

Lack of Support

Crocs are molded into one basic shape. They offer modest support to the arch of the foot, but when it comes to supporting the heel it is sorely lacking. The foot bears an excessive amount of weight every time a step is taken. The fact that crocs offer no substantial support means that the foot must bear all of the weight.


Another drawback of the croc is how loosely it fits the foot. As the foot moves during steps, the foot can slide within it causing blisters, callouses and raw areas on the sides of the feet. While the looseness allows the foot to be more comfortable, it can lead to other problems if sliding inside the shoe occurs.

Stressful on the Toes

Because crocs are so loose around the foot, the toes have to continually grip the shoe to keep them from coming off of the feet. The constant gripping of the toes can lead to tendonitis and joint damage that is characterized by pain and inflammation. The longer the crocs are worn, the more damage that is caused to the toes and feet.

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